Sunday, January 4, 2009


No, nothing to do with female undergarments to support breasts etc. - BRA stays for Barrydale Ratepayers Association. 
I want to wish the BRA a long and productive life, hoping it won't turn into another sleeping beauty. I also recommend all residents to participate to the next Special General Meeting.
I won't be there - sorry, a no-no from my therapist, I've  lost too many feathers at the last IDP meeting.
As ducks can't keep their mouth shut, I can't help noticing the succulent fee of R50 per person to become member of the BRA. A bit of a killer for a new born baby, n'est pas
I invite the committee members to rethink it. Make R50 per household: it will dramatically increase the number of members (never a bad thing) and, I can assure, it will increase the total income - wanna bet?
Have a great meeting on the 15th!

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