Sunday, April 26, 2009

Closed For Maintenance

Time perhaps to pause and reflect.

It is becoming progressively more wearying for me to put down a few lines for this blog. Hanly was right: my creative brain is busy packing up.... Perhaps.

And perhaps not. Certainly my brain is getting tired, but what I mainly feel missing is a good deal of motivations. Practically, after 4 years of Barrydale Times (printed version) and a good half year of blogging, I honestly start wondering what am I doing this for. 

Just today, driving into the village, I saw the usual amount of rubbish under the "Welcome in Barrydale" sign; it was exactly the same rubbish I photographed 3 months ago and wrote about. Nothing has changed and I wonder if something will ever change.

The other day a friend said to me: "Why do you care? Do what everybody else does and stick your head in the sand." 

He is right. Everybody, some more some less, does that, and this is why things are pretty bad all over - people, like ostriches, tend to forget that though their head is well in the sand, their backside is not . Not only, it's also pretty exposed.

Unfortunately, if people keep their head in the sand, one has to scream to be heard, but I'm tired and I'm running out of breath.

To put it mildly, I'm fed up. Fed up not only with writing a blog, with pesticides and rubbish, I'm fed up with humanity, with wars, with corruption, with stupidity, with lack of concern, with selfishness, pettiness and greed. I'm just fed up.

Reading here and there, in the last few years, I came across a lot of words. They tell horrible stories, they talk of oppression, injustice and pain. But words are words, and the sowers of confusion never tire to contradict, to find excuses, to justify pain and turn blood into patriotism and, believe or not, necessity.

Pictures instead don't lie. I could display here a vast collection of them: from that of a beautiful girl with both her legs shredded by the bombs of civilization and democracy, to the one showing a mound formed by the many corpses of 5 and 7 years old Gaza children, died during the last Israeli invasion.

I won't. Enough with blood, we see too much of it, we're getting callous.

I will only show you the most sad and tender of all, the most beautiful and the most heart rending; something to remember in the dark of our hole under the sand.

Enjoy it.

By for now

Barry Duck

Friday, April 3, 2009


Look at that!  

Impressive isn't it? But don't ask what it is: no matter what, you'll always find someone who tells you that it is "only" normal condensation trails from jets - and you're a sort of idiot who never heard of them and never noticed.

To me it looks more like a perfect new age abomination. 

But I shouldn't be worried: there is a new educational project - it's called CERES S'COOL, you can google it, and it is from NASA (who else?) - to teach kids in schools, among other things, not to worry and not to care about those whitish long lines in the sky - millions of dollars spent throughout the world to inform the new generations that those lines are just condensation from jet engines. 

WOW! I wonder why they do that! I also wonder how long will it take before having people telling us that bank managers are fairies and politicians took over from Santa.

Better shut up, we don't want to give them ideas, do we?



It is not condensation because condensation trails, due to normal daily flights, don't appear for a couple of days and disappear for months (there has been no trails in the sky whatsoever from the 17 of November to the beginning of March - does it mean that all commercial flights have been suspended in this period?). 

Moreover, contrary to chemtrails, condensation trails don't cause an immediate increase in the temperature (the latest heavy spraying activity on the 31st of March and first of April are just now causing a HEAT WAVE in the Western Cape interior). Contrary to chemtrails, finally, condensation trails don't create areas of high pressures and don't dehumidify the air.

Why should "they" do that? I don't know why "they" do that - nobody does, yet - but at least the effects of the chemical trails are becoming progressively noticeable.

As a matter of fact, after  an intense chemtrails activity the temperature ALWAYS goes up by many degrees, the air becomes ALWAYS extremely dry, and here in the Western Cape, between 2 and 3 days after the spraying, it ALWAYS rains on the coast - the radio has just announced this evening (April the 2nd) that showers are expected in Cape Town by tomorrow. The reason why it rains on the coast after an intense chemtrails activity in our region is easily explainable: an area of high pressure in the interior attracts low pressure over the coast. Therefore, cold fronts that a few years ago, as they were passing further south were skipping the Cape, are now back on course.

Eventually it rains a few drops here as well, but not enough - not in the least - and definitely not enough to compensate for the loss of humidity due to the excess of heat created by the chemicals that have been sprayed.

As this weren't enough, and as we live in a world full of surprises, here comes the worst of all discoveries: chemtrails kill insects by the billions.

I noticed that after the usual hosing of the sky, there are no insects swarming on the walls around my external lights. The day before, hundreds of them, the day after, none. You may not believe me, but you can check it out, it's easy.

I made 2+2 and I contacted an overseas group of researchers by internet. They confirmed my suspicions. These trails in the sky kill insects. As a matter of fact, in Europe, were chemtrails activity is non stop, THERE ARE ALMOST NO INSECTS LEFT.

Great, just Great! "Somebody" is selling a scheme to control weather and at the same time is wiping out insects! -  which means to seriously alter the feeding cycle of nature, therefore to jeopardize its very same vital structure! 

Well, there is not much that I can do, apart from writing about it and - provided that somebody cares - trying to create awareness, but... I'm really hoping to meet one of those NASA educators who talk about jets' condensation, I'll probably let him impress me for a while and then I'll kick him in crotch.


For more information about the difference between chemtrails  and contrails, please click HERE