Friday, December 26, 2008


This economic crisis is really confusing me. Funny enough I don't feel too bad: reading all sorts of articles on the subject, the only thing I seem to understand is that nobody seems to understand anything.

A few months ago, apart from some vague talks, nobody was giving a flipping hoot about the crisis, and now here it is, in full swing, in Barrydale as well as everywhere else in the world. 

How bad is it?

That the Barrydale business community is tearing their hair doesn't make news, but the fact that the local bottle store is lamenting, is by itself terrifying. In the rest of the world, people are losing jobs, small firms go bankrupt, big banks, credit institutions and car makers are getting billions by the government - don't ask! I know nothing, I come from Barcelona. 

Fortunately, not everything is lost. According to reports of self-proclaimed experts and economy pundits, this crisis is going to be either bad or awfully bad, i.e. we have 50% chances of losing everything but still get a warm soup at the closest charity centre, and 50% chances of losing everything including the soup - for us ducks a pretty worrisome situation.

Nevertheless this crisis sucks - ducks are notoriously suspicious. I find it inexplicable: too big, too vast, too soon etc.

All right, big banks, public and private credit institutions, top financial groups etc. are sorts of criminal associations and make no mistake; investors and market operators are no more than a greedy bunch of selfish a-moral louts and political leaders, having turned into puppets of powerful lobbies, are at the best of options squalid opportunists while, at the worst, wouldn't stand a fair trial without getting a life sentence, and only in countries where the death penalty is not applicable. 

And People? Well, people are what they are - the recent craze for the latest hollywood box office hit  "Mamma Mia" talks loads.


Still I cannot help thinking that this crisis didn't happen by chance.

Why? It is simply too stupid. 

True, in the course of history, humanity has put together quite a collection of stupid things, but the POWER (the one operating behind the scenes, subliminal and all encompassing) has never lost touch, has never really allowed anything to jeopardize its foundations. But the present crisis, the way it looks, might very well shatter the political structure of the whole world - no need to cry! As far as I'm concerned, there should still be a bottle of French Champagne tucked away for the occasion, and a Cuban cigar. 

Unfortunately this isn't going to happen - take it as the opinion of an over opinionated duck. This flipping crisis has been planned, or rather somebody has left the tiger's cage open on purpose. Why? Still too early to say, but I have a feeling we'll know in due course.

Whatever happens, don't panic, and don't shoot ducks!


I remember when not long ago I suggested to build disposable bridges in paper mache'. Such structures could easily be built 3 or 4 at a time and the moment one goes, here is another, brand new and freshly painted.

As nobody seems able to build bridges anymore, this idea would save money, time and aggravations.

During the November flood, the bridge in Bain street has once again collapsed.

It is the flipping fourth time that this bridge collapses! Given the fact that I arrived in Barrydale 5 years ago, it makes an average of a new bridge every 14 and a half months - not bad at all.

Is this turning into a small industry?


I have no problem with that, it keeps people busy and puts food on the table. However, seeing that as a taxpayer I personally contribute to such nice merry-go-round, I would suggest to include in the next contract a clause that prescribes, in case of a new collapse, the public flogging of engineers and contractors.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


As we promised, the Barrydale Times is back to life. The reason is always the same: we feel that the Barrydale's community needs a voice. Perhaps with a coherent, strong and articulated voice, bridges won't collapse at the first hint of rain and local government executives will stop having bright ideas - that's admittedly difficult, but you never know.
More or less everything will be like before apart from the fact that the Barrydale Times is now a blog.
This blog, which basically belong to the community, is going to be a virtual meeting place where issues concerning our public life can be brought forward and debated.
Everybody can participate actively as, contrary to the old BT printed version, a blog is always INTERACTIVE.
Everybody can post comments, submit articles, voice complaints and concerns.
Ngos, Clubs, Associations etc. can make use of this blog to inform of their activities, meetings, initiatives etc. - not much space available, but we'll do our best to accommodate everybody - while the business community can find here space for advertizing.

Thanks for joining us