Thursday, December 25, 2008


As we promised, the Barrydale Times is back to life. The reason is always the same: we feel that the Barrydale's community needs a voice. Perhaps with a coherent, strong and articulated voice, bridges won't collapse at the first hint of rain and local government executives will stop having bright ideas - that's admittedly difficult, but you never know.
More or less everything will be like before apart from the fact that the Barrydale Times is now a blog.
This blog, which basically belong to the community, is going to be a virtual meeting place where issues concerning our public life can be brought forward and debated.
Everybody can participate actively as, contrary to the old BT printed version, a blog is always INTERACTIVE.
Everybody can post comments, submit articles, voice complaints and concerns.
Ngos, Clubs, Associations etc. can make use of this blog to inform of their activities, meetings, initiatives etc. - not much space available, but we'll do our best to accommodate everybody - while the business community can find here space for advertizing.

Thanks for joining us

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