Friday, December 26, 2008


I remember when not long ago I suggested to build disposable bridges in paper mache'. Such structures could easily be built 3 or 4 at a time and the moment one goes, here is another, brand new and freshly painted.

As nobody seems able to build bridges anymore, this idea would save money, time and aggravations.

During the November flood, the bridge in Bain street has once again collapsed.

It is the flipping fourth time that this bridge collapses! Given the fact that I arrived in Barrydale 5 years ago, it makes an average of a new bridge every 14 and a half months - not bad at all.

Is this turning into a small industry?


I have no problem with that, it keeps people busy and puts food on the table. However, seeing that as a taxpayer I personally contribute to such nice merry-go-round, I would suggest to include in the next contract a clause that prescribes, in case of a new collapse, the public flogging of engineers and contractors.


Anonymous said...

also include a clause that accountants should be flogged! The allocate the mon ey for these miserable bridges!

Anonymous said...

The suggestion that culprits in the public service should be flogged is simply medieval.the proper and politically correct action for such blatant incompetence would be to pay them an unspeakably large bonus from the bottomless pockets of the rate payers