Monday, March 23, 2009


Let me brass up a bit. 

More than 420 hits, soon to be 500, means that Barry Duck is doing pretty well... considering that:

1) Barrydale is a very small village.

2) many still don't have a computer.

3) many of those who have a computer are still without broad-band - and nowadays having the patience to surf the net with a normal telephone connection makes Job look like a neurotic.

I'm happy... and I'm not happy.

I would have liked a better participation, more comments, more ideas, more contributions etc. 

Probably the reason is that many people still have difficulties in posting comments. In order to do it properly, please read the instructions under "AAA Attention Please", scrolling down on the right side of the main column.

After you wrote your comment press "Anonymous" and then "Publish". Please note that "Anonymous" does not mean that your comment has to remain such. You can sign it; if you prefer, you can sign it with a nick name.

So this post is open to everybody. Whoever wants to post comments on any issue regarding Barrydale or the Barrydale Times or Barry Duck or the price of your groceries or whatever, is welcome to do so.

All comments will be published as a post later on.

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